Friday, January 6, 2017

Just the Beginnings

The other day I went to my favorite art store, Rochester Art Supply ( I also work there on occasion :) and bought some new panels for a show that I am going to be in soon. 
I had no intentions of purchasing this long rectangular format, but my instincts were already stirring when I saw it. You know that feeling of excitement that comes over you unexpectedly? I'm learning to trust those feelings. My head thinks, but my body feels. Move over head! Your job is just to make sure I drive safely to the art store and hold the pen so I can sign the receipt. 
What you see is just the first round of colors. In fact, as I was looking at this image I realized that I seem to be staying with this same color palette. That too, is instinctual, and I love it. These colors really offer enough zing, but are somehow calming and grounding, too. 
It feels totemic and I wonder if there might be an even longer panel in stock, hmmm . . . .

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