Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Beauty of Learning Something New

I just taught two separate workshops in my studio over the weekend. The first was an Introductory to Encaustic workshop and the other was Pastel Meets Wax, both a joy to teach. I was privileged to work with eleven spirited and gifted women. Most of these women have full time positions not involving the arts, some do, some were retired but have filled their retirement with volunteerism or teaching their own craft. But we came together with a common goal, to learn, to expand, to deepen our knowledge. 

Watching these women move around the room, exploring a new technique, or working with a foreign media, quietly talking among themselves, or sharing stories and experiences with the group, was wonderful to be part of. 
I love offering workshops and really enjoy filling my studio with people who want to learn. There is something wonderful about being part of a learning experience. 

The work they created was pure. The thought that went into their process was at times like learning to walk, taking time to be present with each little step. I think that is what I like most about it - the presence we bring to our learning. 
The room was quiet and calm at times and at other times busy and energized. It was like watching a dance as if synchronized. It is a beautiful thing to come together, to learn, to share, and grow from each other.