Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Following My Inner Voice A Little More

We are always in transition whether we barely notice it or feel the impact of it suddenly. I seem to have hit the speed dial a little over a year ago and find myself trying to make sense of this new map I’m holding in my hands. Most of it is still printed in invisible ink. Or, is there such a thing as time released ink, when only at a certain time the ink shows up and pathways become clear? An interesting thought. 
So, I look and listen for clues, and learn to trust my instincts a little more every day. It is a waking process. 
One thing that has become very clear to me is that I want my workshops to be more than just about learning techniques. I’m feeling very called to really nurture that creative voice in myself and in doing so, want to be a support to others. Everyone has a creative voice! It’s our own personal roadmap. There are so many ways of tapping into our unique language of making and creating. I am learning some of these ways and look forward to sharing them with you personally and hosting guest presenters to share their knowledge with you, too. My studio is a welcoming place to this energy and discovery.  So, while my workshops are art centered, there is just a little extra something that I am bringing to the table. 

Thank you, as always, for being supportive. 

About the image above… Her name is Blue Angel. One day when trying to remedy what I would call a blah painting I decided to see if adding a glaze of color would help. As I started to work, I could see that I simply needed to get out of my own way and stop thinking about any preconceived notions or designs that I had in mind. I needed to let go and allow my hands to lead the way. Let go of thought and allow for that inner voice to be able to express itself. It is not easy getting my mind to quiet down, but I am practicing because this is when I really learn, and something always shows up.