Sunday, February 3, 2019

I'm Not Boasting

I’m not boasting, but I am proud of what I have created. 

Years ago I was talking to a counselor and she said something that has been working its way through my subconscious percolating to the surface every now and then, and then going back down. Her words have resurfaced and I have been wrestling with it again, now I will do so gleefully. 

She said that I was the power behind the sun. What she was really pointing to was that I helped make it possible for others to shine, to go out and do their work, follow their dreams and take comfort in me taking care of the fort. Forts come in many shapes and sizes. As I look back on the last couple decades, I can see how this has played out and is still playing out in my life. Lots of emotions do come up, but ultimately I settle on my own comfort (and thank God) that I am now able to recognize this in me and use this knowledge for the good of all, including me.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to work, I like being active, I love to see people shine, and I do like being a support to other.  

A few weeks ago, I asked my colleague to mention my name when she announced a new color that was now available to the Enkaustikos paint line. I created it after all, but in the past I never asked for any recognition. In fact, when I would post about a color I made, I rarely mentioned that I had developed that color. I gave credit to the company. 

So, I am not boasting, but I am proud to say that I have created a tremendous line of paint colors for Enkaustikos. Some of these colors have been for exciting projects, some are custom colors for other artists, some as limited editions, and many to enhance and extend the color palette of the paint line that already exists. As I posted these color chips I realize there are a couple missing and I will give them credit soon enough. 

I am proud, and I am grateful for having this opportunity and I am proud to share the colors that I developed. I’m going to be creating a set with some of these colors. I would love to hear your feedback, your support is greatly appreciated. let me know which colors you enjoy using or that catch your eye. 

~ In this personal life lesson, I am learning how to be my own Sun ~

My new personal fave - Nostalgia 

Backyard Blues in a PBS Set
Best Loved in a PBS Set

Brenda's Place in a PBS Set
Coolness - EnkaustiKolor

Cool Pink - EnkaustiKolor
Coral - EnkaustiKolor

Cottage Lake in a PBS Set
Dusty Indigo in a PBS Set

Everyone Loves Pink in a PBS Set
Flamingo  in a PBS Set

Gingeranga in a PBS Set
Vernal - main line

Hedera - EnkaustiKolor
In the Grey in a PBS Set

Jonquil - EnkaustiKolor 
Kentucky Bluegrass in a PBS Set

Kentucky Storm in a PBS Set
Backyard Blues in a PBS Set

Neighbor's Porch in a PBS Set
Nut Brown - EnkaustiKolor

Ochre - EnkaustiKolor
Alizarin Gold - main line

Atmosphere - main line
Bismuth Green - main line

Burnt Lilac - main line
Citron - main line

Deep Lake - main line
Dioxazine Purple Light - main line

Dusk - main line
French Ultramarine Light - main line

Irish Grey - main line
Midtone Grey - main line

Savannah - main line
Opal Rose - main line

Opal Sapphire - main line
Opal Gold - main line

Payne's Grey - main line
Rochester Thunder - main line

Sage Green - main line
Naples Yellow Hue - main line

Seattle Grunge in a PBS Set
Tonal Green - main line

Gum Nut in a PBS Set
Winter Sky - main line

Oh My! Orange in a PBS Set
Summer Sizzle in a PBS Set

Deep Sky - EnkaustiKolor
Southern Drive in a PBS Set

Spring - EnkaustiKolors
Summer Mint in a PBS Set

Saffron - EnkaustiKolor

Tonal Grey - EnkaustiKolor


  1. Kathryn!
    Thank you for all you do & your generous teaching & contributions to the encaustic medium! I love so many of these colors! Many favorites! šŸ¤œšŸ»šŸ¤›šŸ»

  2. Shine on, Kathryn! You have created beauty which in turn helps others create more beauty. What a gift you and your colors are. Thank you.

  3. Encaustikos is lucky to have you! Thank you for all you’ve taught me and for all the out of the area artists you’ve brought in to share their knowledge. Our last adventure to the Encausticastle was amazing! This doesn’t even address your own wonderful artwork .

  4. I love all your colors Kathryn, but the one's that catch my eye that I haven't tried yet are: Best loved, Coolness, Dusty Indigo,Gingeranga, Jonquil, Savannah and Saffron. Already faves in my stash are: Alizarin Gold, Citron which I got last year and love it!, Irish grey, Paynes grey, Rochester Thunder,and my Nostalgia of course which is probably in every painting I do! You are a master with color!

  5. You are indeed the SUN, Kathryn - for me and many others. You were amazing in helping me choose colours that worked together in my Enkaustipalette sets with Enkaustikos. Your knowledge of colour and your support to help other artists achieve their dreams is truly generous and skilled. AND you are such a talented artist and teacher yourself. The encaustic world is lucky to have you in our midst.