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Did you know that I offer private lessons? Are you needing professional feedback or a fresh perspective on your art? Contact me for detailed information about what I can offer you. Most materials provided depending on lesson. My expertise is with both Encaustic and 

To register for all workshops please email me at 
All workshops takes place at The Mill Art Center -  61 North Main St in Honeoye Fall, NY unless otherwise stated. 

2021 Workshops

My friend Lora Murphy has invited me to participate in a year long online encaustic workshop alongside 25 other well respected artist who teach encaustic. Painting With Fire - Essence of Mulranny is a going to be an amazing opportunity for anyone who loves to work with encaustic, has the desire to learn the process, and be totally inspired by a tremendous array of global talent. 
I could not be more proud to have been included and I could not be more proud to extend this offer to you. 
Every week you will receive a lesson from one of these artist. Each of us will present two lessons, so that is one lesson a week. 
The lessons are recorded so you can view them at anytime thoughout the year. Each artist focuses on something very unique, so there will be little overlap in what you are exposed to. 
You are receiving this email on the opening date of registration, so you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special - for one very low price, you get 52 lessons. I would love for you to join me in this amazing opportunity. 

The two classes I am teaching are:

Inspired Beginnings 

In this class I will show how an a la prima technique to painting is a great way for developing ideas and getting to the spirit of your work. I will take you through my process on how I begin my work through the use of journaling, sketches, and the importance of painting a series to get to the essence of what I'm trying to capture. Hopefully, watching my process will offer you some take aways that will enhance your own process. 


Color Relationships

In this class we will dive into color theory and the importance of grays in a work of art. I will discuss colors as they relate to each other and the important use of neutral tones as to create direction and resting spots in your composition. I will discuss the nature of any given paint (pigment) and how to get the most out of a palette. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Until Further Notice, the following classes and workshops are contingent on new dates being assigned once Covid 19 mandates have been relaxed. Thanks for your patience. 

The Inspired Landscape 
Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

“Understanding how much we are influenced by our surroundings can be a very powerful tool when creating our art” 

I'm honored to be asked to teach for the CanWaxWest Group of artists. As the name implies this group has members from the western part of Canada, all of whom work with encaustic. Just google Okanagan and you might decide to jump on the plane for this one. 
In this workshop, I will help you focus on creating awareness of your sense of place, as if to see it new.  I will encourage you to be open to exploring ways in which you can more fully explore the impact your surroundings have on your art. We will be focusing on color and painting intuitively, and I will guide you through several exercises to help you express personal and evocative landscapes. You can focus on a more representationally depicted landscape or venture off into the inner landscape that exists in you. My understanding of color, color mixing, and even the energy of color, is my forte. I will skillfully guide you in making the most of your palette. My knowledge on pigments and printmaking comes from years of employment at Enkaustikos as their custom colorist. Please bring your writing journal, sketch journal and any drawing tools you like to work with.  
New dates to be announced when available 

Encaustic with Mixed Media 

The encaustic medium offers a fantastic array of opportunities to work with all sorts of mixed media products. From inks to pastels, onto pigment sticks and more, you will be amazed at how versatile this medium is and the interesting effects you can achieve. This is a highly exploratory workshop where the focus will be on opening up to the spontaneous nature of creativity. Please join me in this workshop where you will gain a wealth of knowledge on enhancing your understanding of working with encaustic paints in an archival way. 
All materials are included in the cost of this workshop.

Creating 3D Form - Incorporating Encaustic 
2 Day Workshop 

Expand your horizons and step into working more dimensionally with the encaustic medium. On Day 1 we will build a multitude of forms and suitable substrates using a variety of materials. On Day 2 we will dip into our waxy journey of embellishing our creations. This workshop really highlights the workability of wax and opens the mind up to our natural ability to problem solve while also engaging us in a highly tactile process. The results will be a surprising and exciting assortment of Color and Form. 
No prior encaustic experience required. All materials supplied. 
6pm to 8pm both days Cost: $125 

Getting Started with Encaustic

Are you fascinated by the look and feel of art created with wax? Learning encaustic techniques is equally intriguing. In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles of working with pigmented wax to create your own encaustic art. This is a comprehensive workshop and perfect to get you primed for all other workshops held at Kathryn Bevier ArtWorks Studio. 
10am - 2pm
Cost: $145 and includes all materials and handouts

Collage with Encaustic Paint

Collage helps us tap into an inner voice that often times we don’t pay attention to. Using wax as the binder adds to the depth of the encapsulated thoughts and ideas.  In this workshop you will learn the basic application techniques of working with encaustic wax medium to assemble your collage. You will also learn glazing techniques and various ways in which you can enhance the surface of the wax layers. 
All materials will be provided however, participants are encouraged to bring items for collage. Stamps, thin papers, newsprint, threads, pressed plants, etc. are some suggestions. There will be plenty of materials available to work from.
For Teens and Adults - absolutely no experience needed. 
10 am - 3 pm Cost: $145

Image Transfer with Wax 
There are many ways in which to transfer images using encaustic wax medium as the surface. In this workshop we will focus on transferring printed images from your personal photographs or graphics. In addition to learning basic techniques of encapsulating these images you will learn ways in which to enhance them with the use of encaustic paint, pigment sticks and pastel applications. 
10 am - 3 pm Cost: $165 - All materials are included in the cost of this workshop.

Encaustic Printmaking to Altar Books Workshop

Using wax based paints to create prints is such a great way to explore your visual language. The prints you produce in this workshop are works of art and can be framed or used as mixed media elements for future work. You will learn essential information on the printing process with encaustic paints, from set-up, free form printing, how to work from registration for mono-type printing, as well as a wide array of application techniques.
If you register for both days, the second day will focus on taking your printed papers and transforming them into several Altar Books using simple book binding techniques. This is a special addition to the class and is a lovely way of creating "Altars on the Go".  
Class size limited to 4 people. 
Saturday class, 10 am - 3 pm
Sunday class 10 am - 2 pm - All materials are included in the cost of this workshop. 
Cost: $165 for Saturday only - $265 for Saturday and Sunday
All materials are included in the cost of this workshop. 

*Cancellation Policy* This cancellation policy applies only to workshops given by Kathryn Bevier in the ArtWorks Studio. All other workshops have their own cancellation policy.  
In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel on a workshop that I am offering, hosting an instructor, or teaching alongside another instructor, a 15% deduction will taken on the deposit if cancelled prior to one month of the workshop. If a cancellation happens during the month prior to the workshop, there will be no reimbursement of the deposit. If you have paid for the workshop in full and need to cancel, there will be no reimbursement of monies if cancelled the week prior to the start of the workshop. Please make sure you understand the cancellation policy before registering. 
If I cancel a workshop, all monies will be returned. 

Kathryn Bevier ArtWorks Studio
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