Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Creation, Connection, Change and Strength

Dear Friends,

It's March!!! There is something about March that feels more like the beginnings of a new year to me, and I am feeling inspired. 
Every year I chose two or three words that I feel aligned with. These are usually words that signify an area of intended growth for me. I actually chose four this year, somehow I think this will be a very pivotal year (as if the last few have not been - haha). 
Creation - That seems fitting doesn't it? I am a creator at heart. I am dedicated to develop my skills and my artistic expression. Creation in all its forms is the pulse in life that brings me to that special place of paying attention. 
Connection - I can be a bit of a hermit. I like my "Kathryn" time, but know the importance of my growing friendships and relationships in general, so I am making more time for that in my life. I bring creation into my connections by teaching, but also spending quality time with friends making art together. I am also the type of person that actually gets a lot more accomplished when working with another person. Ideas are more free flowing and I can get into that state of flow very easily when sharing my creative time with others. 
Change - Not that I am trying to reinvent myself, more that I am open to change with out resisting. Change is constant, and I want to be an active participant. I like to see how my art is changing, it is like learning a new language and that can be exhilarating. The collages in this post were just that. Fresh and new for me. 
Strength - This is about resilience, because sometimes I just feel like I am walking through molasses. I've learned that those days don't last long and there is usually something really poignant on the other side, and I usually have an epiphany if I am patient. It is truly the learning to be patient and being  with the molasses that is the lesson for me to embrace. I am beginning to truly understand that is the key to what ever comes my way, to just stay with it. So happy New Year all over again, let's hope there are many silver linings for all of us. Included in this post are images of some very freeing collages that I have done while sitting at the dining table chatting with one of my closest friends. Something near and dear to my heart. 



Friday, February 12, 2021

Something Big has Come Along

 I feel as though things are really shifting and in a very good way. I'm very happy to be part of this teaching team and hope that you are interested in taking your encaustic knowledge further - or if you want to get started in the best way possible -  you will consider this the absolute must class for you. Click on the link to find out everything you need to know about this class. Best regards always, Kathryn 

My friend Lora Murphy has invited me to participate in a year long online encaustic workshop alongside 25 other well respected artist who teach encaustic. Painting With Fire - Essence of Mulranny is a going to be an amazing opportunity for anyone who loves to work with encaustic, has the desire to learn the process, and be totally inspired by a tremendous array of global talent. 
I could not be more proud to have been included and I could not be more proud to extend this offer to you. 
Every week you will receive a lesson from one of these artist. Each of us will present two lessons, so that is one lesson a week. 
The lessons are recorded so you can view them at anytime thoughout the year. Each artist focuses on something very unique, so there will be little overlap in what you are exposed to. 
You are receiving this email on the opening date of registration, so you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special - for one very low price, you get 52 lessons. I would love for you to join me in this amazing opportunity. 

The two classes I am teaching are:

Inspired Beginnings 

In this class I will show how an a la prima technique to painting is a great way for developing ideas and getting to the spirit of your work. I will take you through my process on how I begin my work through the use of journaling, sketches, and the importance of painting a series to get to the essence of what I'm trying to capture. Hopefully, watching my process will offer you some take aways that will enhance your own process. 


Color Relationships

In this class we will dive into color theory and the importance of grays in a work of art. I will discuss colors as they relate to each other and the important use of neutral tones as to create direction and resting spots in your composition. I will discuss the nature of any given paint (pigment) and how to get the most out of a palette. 

Friday, December 13, 2019

Encaustic Arts Magazine

Recently, I was honored with the request to write an article about myself, and my art for Encaustic Arts Magazine. This is a quarterly publication put out by The Encaustic Arts Institute. Each issue is a goldmine of information about the artist, their practices and their art. I hope you will click on the link I am providing and enjoy this Winter 2019 issue. My article is at the beginning of the issue. If this is something you would like to subscribe to, the instructions are included when you open the link. 

magazine page 

Sunday, September 29, 2019


We are always in a state of transition. 
This is something I have read or heard numerous times and I have certainly eluded to it in my past posts as something I am keenly aware of in my own life. Sometimes transition is very subtle and then other times it is abrupt, and everything in between. I am noticing the transitions for what they are, and not just something that is happening externally. Maybe it is because over the last few years I have vowed to be front and center with myself, like getting to know me all over again.
I think it is best put that I am paying attention. This attention opens me up to glimpses of the thread that has always been present, but in the past only noticed it at peak points in my life. Now, it is the completing of the circle, a foreshadowing of things to come, a repeated pattern, a joining together, and continuation. 

There can be peace in the completion, excitement in the foreshadowing, lesson in the pattern, comfort in the joining, and hope in the continuing. 

I just returned from my trip to Ireland. The Art and Soul Journey workshop that I co-taught with Lora Murphy was amazing. Being in the midst of 20 women thriving in the environment was such a gift. While in Ireland, I was taken to a number of holy wells. Each one so different, each spoke to me in a different way. At one point I was simply overwhelmed with emotions as I sat at the edge of the sea and tears just rolled down my face. 

I think what I was picking up on was that I had joined a thread of hundreds of thousands of people who had come to these wells and brought with them their prayers, their gratitude, their desire to heal. Hadn’t I done the same? 

I love the idea of transitions being part of a thread. There is a lot of strength to that. 

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Kathryn Bevier Collection from Enkaustikos Is Official

Dear Friends,

It is official, label and all, I have my very own set of colors now through Enkaustikos called The Kathryn Bevier Collection. Out of all the colors I have developed for Enkaustikos, these are 9 very special colors to me and extremely useful in my own work. I also created the Power of Grey Set and this new set really compliments it well. I hope you like them and will check them out. They are available for sale and if you are interested in purchasing, you can do that by contacting Enkaustikos at info@encausticpaints.com.

The Mill Art Center & Gallery is going really well for me. I am enjoying directorship and all that I am learning there. The support from my friends and colleagues has been nothing shy of awe inspiring, from becoming members to volunteering time. Plus, I am arranging for some very strong talent to come teach workshops there. Next week, I have Erin Keane teaching her encaustic mono printing to book binding workshop. That is sure to be an incredible workshop. Stay tuned for my next guest artist. 

We’ve just hung our new exhibition called Some Like It Hot at The Mill. It is an exhibition that features art that has a wax component. Years ago I started an informal group called The Working With Wax Group and we come together to share and support our artistic journey employing the encaustic process. We are all from the greater Rochester area. If you're interested in learning more about us as a group please contact me. This show is a tangible result of our community. It is a strong exhibition of over 70 works of art. Please come see the show. 

I’m traveling a lot, offering workshops in different places, exhibiting in shows, and in general, just making the most of life everyday. Please see my workshop schedule on this blog and hopefully I will see you soon.

Best regard, Kathryn

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Kathryn Collection

The Kathryn Collection has a nice ring to it.  Doesn't it? I ask with a smile on my face. Actually much more than a smile. I'm really excited to let you know that very soon I will be officially announcing my very own set of Enkaustikos colors that I created. As you might have read in the previous post, there are 50 plus colors that I developed for Enkaustikos over the years. It was not easy choosing nine out of the lot. My intention is to have a supplement to the Power of Grey Set that I recently created and am super proud of. More importantly though, these colors are what I consider my "go to colors".
Plus, I know this palette will give multiple mixing options.

So here are the swatches of paint. They have been extended heavily with wax medium so you can more easily see the undertones. The only color that seems a little off in the image is the pale yellow in the upper left. It is not as vibrant as the picture is showing and a bit cooler. As soon as the paints are all poured off and in their neat little black box packaging, I'll post a better image, but for now, I just wanted to get the word out that it is coming.

I'd love to hear your comments.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

I'm Not Boasting

I’m not boasting, but I am proud of what I have created. 

Years ago I was talking to a counselor and she said something that has been working its way through my subconscious percolating to the surface every now and then, and then going back down. Her words have resurfaced and I have been wrestling with it again, now I will do so gleefully. 

She said that I was the power behind the sun. What she was really pointing to was that I helped make it possible for others to shine, to go out and do their work, follow their dreams and take comfort in me taking care of the fort. Forts come in many shapes and sizes. As I look back on the last couple decades, I can see how this has played out and is still playing out in my life. Lots of emotions do come up, but ultimately I settle on my own comfort (and thank God) that I am now able to recognize this in me and use this knowledge for the good of all, including me.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually love to work, I like being active, I love to see people shine, and I do like being a support to other.  

A few weeks ago, I asked my colleague to mention my name when she announced a new color that was now available to the Enkaustikos paint line. I created it after all, but in the past I never asked for any recognition. In fact, when I would post about a color I made, I rarely mentioned that I had developed that color. I gave credit to the company. 

So, I am not boasting, but I am proud to say that I have created a tremendous line of paint colors for Enkaustikos. Some of these colors have been for exciting projects, some are custom colors for other artists, some as limited editions, and many to enhance and extend the color palette of the paint line that already exists. As I posted these color chips I realize there are a couple missing and I will give them credit soon enough. 

I am proud, and I am grateful for having this opportunity and I am proud to share the colors that I developed. I’m going to be creating a set with some of these colors. I would love to hear your feedback, your support is greatly appreciated. let me know which colors you enjoy using or that catch your eye. 

~ In this personal life lesson, I am learning how to be my own Sun ~

My new personal fave - Nostalgia 

Backyard Blues in a PBS Set
Best Loved in a PBS Set

Brenda's Place in a PBS Set
Coolness - EnkaustiKolor

Cool Pink - EnkaustiKolor
Coral - EnkaustiKolor

Cottage Lake in a PBS Set
Dusty Indigo in a PBS Set

Everyone Loves Pink in a PBS Set
Flamingo  in a PBS Set

Gingeranga in a PBS Set
Vernal - main line

Hedera - EnkaustiKolor
In the Grey in a PBS Set

Jonquil - EnkaustiKolor 
Kentucky Bluegrass in a PBS Set

Kentucky Storm in a PBS Set
Backyard Blues in a PBS Set

Neighbor's Porch in a PBS Set
Nut Brown - EnkaustiKolor

Ochre - EnkaustiKolor
Alizarin Gold - main line

Atmosphere - main line
Bismuth Green - main line

Burnt Lilac - main line
Citron - main line

Deep Lake - main line
Dioxazine Purple Light - main line

Dusk - main line
French Ultramarine Light - main line

Irish Grey - main line
Midtone Grey - main line

Savannah - main line
Opal Rose - main line

Opal Sapphire - main line
Opal Gold - main line

Payne's Grey - main line
Rochester Thunder - main line

Sage Green - main line
Naples Yellow Hue - main line

Seattle Grunge in a PBS Set
Tonal Green - main line

Gum Nut in a PBS Set
Winter Sky - main line

Oh My! Orange in a PBS Set
Summer Sizzle in a PBS Set

Deep Sky - EnkaustiKolor
Southern Drive in a PBS Set

Spring - EnkaustiKolors
Summer Mint in a PBS Set

Saffron - EnkaustiKolor

Tonal Grey - EnkaustiKolor