Sunday, September 29, 2019


We are always in a state of transition. 
This is something I have read or heard numerous times and I have certainly eluded to it in my past posts as something I am keenly aware of in my own life. Sometimes transition is very subtle and then other times it is abrupt, and everything in between. I am noticing the transitions for what they are, and not just something that is happening externally. Maybe it is because over the last few years I have vowed to be front and center with myself, like getting to know me all over again.
I think it is best put that I am paying attention. This attention opens me up to glimpses of the thread that has always been present, but in the past only noticed it at peak points in my life. Now, it is the completing of the circle, a foreshadowing of things to come, a repeated pattern, a joining together, and continuation. 

There can be peace in the completion, excitement in the foreshadowing, lesson in the pattern, comfort in the joining, and hope in the continuing. 

I just returned from my trip to Ireland. The Art and Soul Journey workshop that I co-taught with Lora Murphy was amazing. Being in the midst of 20 women thriving in the environment was such a gift. While in Ireland, I was taken to a number of holy wells. Each one so different, each spoke to me in a different way. At one point I was simply overwhelmed with emotions as I sat at the edge of the sea and tears just rolled down my face. 

I think what I was picking up on was that I had joined a thread of hundreds of thousands of people who had come to these wells and brought with them their prayers, their gratitude, their desire to heal. Hadn’t I done the same? 

I love the idea of transitions being part of a thread. There is a lot of strength to that. 

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