My Studio

My studio is a sanctuary. I have been in this space since 2000 when I was fortunate enough to mention that I was looking to share a space to just the right woman. 

That woman is Cinda Kelly, a truly wonderful person who welcomed me to share her studio and went further to really helped me broaden my perspective on art, but more importantly quietly cemented that need in me to honor my art.

Cinda and I shared this studio for over thirteen years and it was really sad news when she told me she was moving to New Mexico. She left me a little pink note on the bare walls she left behind. It said “fill her up, my dear Kathryn”, and I have. 

I love my studio. Sometimes I go there just to be there. Thinking, I wont do anything but just enjoy the space. Instead, in that being there, something just starts to happen. Maybe I start off watering my plants, then I need to move a painting, I notice something else and then all of a sudden I have a paint brush in my hand. 

Sometimes I go there thinking I will walk in the doors and go right to my palette. Instead, there is a nice light that is falling across the floor and I grab my camera instead. There is not a bad shot anyone could take in that room.  It just has a great feeling. When people come to visit, they always say the same thing. “What a great space”, and I completely agree.

My studio is number 305 in the Anderson Alley Artist Studios building, conveniently located in the heart of The Neighborhood of the Arts in Rochester, New York. Visit for information and directions. 

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