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My studio is located in the Anderson Arts Building 
in the heart of the Neighborhood of the Arts District. 

250 N. Goodman St 
ArtWorks Studio # 305 
Rochester, New York 14607
Anderson Alley Artists

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Class Descriptions

Another Wonderful Opportunity for All My Wonderful Friends & Artists 
~ so happy to announce ~

WinterWax 2018 

A new year comes with resolutions. What if you use this new year to establish resolutions that lift your heart and set your creative spirit alight? How about a week of invigorating and enlivening creative inspiration that carries these resolutions to fruition the entire year through? Give yourself and your new year the gift of this inspirational week with the deliberate intention of developing your creative lifestyle for 2018~

Gather with encaustic artist, author and instructor Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, encaustic artist and color expert Kathryn Bevier (Enkaustikos), and creativity coach and author of Ignite Your Vision  Brenda Tassava for a week of motivation, inspiration, enlightenment and encouragement like no other.

What do you want from your time at the table?
WinterWax will bring you around the table to explore the deeper practice of connecting to inner muse and trusting it to create a lifestyle that reaches deep and wide and is sustaining: Exploring a creative life-not just creative as an element within our lives~
Around the studio table:
This second year we focus our attention on composition

Trish’s current work direction resonates from a place of simplicity; elemental sensibilities that speak quietly, with a bold force. Sharing this journey from ‘everything’ to ‘nearly nothing’, with tremendous emotional impact, is what she will bring to the table.

Kathryn works deep and wide in the color fields. To this composition week she will bring her expertise in this arena with the mindset of compositional color and its contribution to simplicity and minimalism.

Around the dining table with Brenda:
  • journaling that exposes the personal desires and passion we may not yet have owned up to
  • group conversation that deepens this exposure through feedback and identification with and from others
  • determined process evaluation of these journaling revelations so as to carry it into the new year

 WinterWax is inclusive of:
  • all workshop instruction with Patricia, Kathryn and Brenda
  • most supplies and materials
  • shared accommodations in the EncaustiCastle
  • welcome night + one other dinner (night TBD) at EncaustiCastle
  • breakfast and lunch on workshop days
What is the thing you want that calls to you, whether you hear it or not, sometimes just as a dull ache? What is it saying to you, asking of you, and how will you respond? This is the silent question, the quiet interior voice that artist, author and international instructor Patricia Baldwin Sseggebruch has had running in unconscious, and more recently in the out-loud spaces. She has answers, and continues to answer, to it; and now challenges you all to do the same. What is that inner voice that calls, and what is it calling to you?
We are all meant to create meaning, integrity, value and relationship-in varied depths, breadths and significance. What is your meaning? What is your create?
Dare to ask, or to at least listen, and perhaps discover, if only the smallest of whispers, at WinterWax. Yes, it is about the wax; but so much more as well~
Dare to.

WinterWax is held at the magical EncaustiCastle in Lexington, KY
From January 14, 2018 around 5:00 pm through January 20, 2018 around 10:00 am
Cost: $500 - $1750
For complete information and to register click here


The Leah Macdonald 3 Day Photo Encaustic Workshop 
Friday, March 16th through Sunday, the 18th, 2018 

I am so pleased to announce Leah Macdonald as my next guest artist at ArtWorks Studio. She is a master at her art and her instruction, as she has been teaching her fascinating technique for many years. 

Using a combination of photography and encaustic, Leah will teach you how to embellish photographic imagery with beeswax employing the encaustic technique. Leah teaches painting on paper using wax and other various media, and also specializes in using specifically the Hahnemuhle line of fine art papers in which she prepares with inkjet photos. 
In this workshop, Leah will teach all of her photo encaustic techniques on a variety of surfaces from the lightest, a Hahnemuhle rice paper, to the heaviest 308 photo rag paper mounted on a 2 inch wood panel.  

Leah’s current work is about the transformation of the image into the works of imaginary and abstraction by adding color and textures with wax.  Her newest work is based on florals and floral collages, using layering and stenciling and a variety of exciting encaustic techniques.

No experience in either photography or encaustic is necessary.  
Images can be provided by Leah or she can edit and help each student make selections for imagery before the workshop. She will print and prepare 3 prints all 9 x 12 for each student.
Space is limited. 
Full payment is required at time of registration. A 15% cancellation fee will be applied if 
10 am - 4 pm each day. 
Cost: $500 - All supplies included in this workshop. 
Contact Kathryn Bevier at or call 585-230-7232 for complete details and to register. 

~ Your experience will not only be informative but deeply personal ~


Kathryn Bevier ArtWorks OPEN STUDIO

My studio is open to artists who want to work with wax and do not require instruction. All supplies provided except substrates. Book ahead to reserve a station. Please email me at for pricing, policy and availability. 


Did you know that I offer private lessons? Are you needing professional feedback or a fresh perspective on your art? Contact me for detailed information about what I can offer you. Most materials provided depending on lesson. 

  • Encaustic
  • Pastel
  • Cold Wax and Oil


Words & Wax Workshop
Wednesday, August 23rd from 6pm - 9pm
A new collaborative workshop
Join Cathryn Smith, English professor and Kathryn Bevier, artist and teacher in this wonderful opportunity to tap into your creativity through the excavating of words. 
Using several short writing prompts to generate new insights into ourselves, we will then encapsulate our thoughts and words in wax using the various encaustic techniques  that will be taught during this workshop. No prior experience necessary.
Workshop held at Kathryn Bevier’s ArtWorks Studio #305 in the Anderson Art Building, 250 N. Goodman St.
ALL Supplies Included. 

Getting Started with Encaustic - Instructor Kathryn Bevier 
Are you fascinated by the look and feel of art created with wax? Learning encaustic techniques is equally intriguing. In this workshop you will learn the fundamental principles of working with pigmented wax to create your own encaustic art. This is the perfect workshop to get you primed for all other workshops held at Kathryn Bevier Art Works Studio. 

Pastels Meet Wax with Instructor Kathryn Bevier 

This is a wonderful workshop for people who work with pastel, but are super curious about working with wax. This class involves working with wax as your substrate and a means of building depth, while using pastels for pigment application, line and composition. A combination of oil and soft pastels will be used as well as pigmented wax base paint. 

Image and Line Transfer with Wax 

There are many ways in which to transfer printed and drawn images using encaustic wax medium as the substrate. We will focus on transferring printed images as well as images that are created through the use of different dry media. In addition to learning basic techniques of encapsulating these images you will learn ways in which to enhance them with the use of encaustic paint, oil stick and pastel applications. 

Collage with Encaustic

Collage helps us tap into an inner voice that often times we don’t pay attention to. Using wax as the binder adds to the depth of the encapsulated thoughts and ideas.  In this workshop you will learn the basic application techniques of working with encaustic wax medium to assemble your collage. You will also learn glazing techniques and various ways in which you can enhance the surface of the wax layers. 
All materials will be provided however, participants are encouraged to bring items for collage. Stamps, thin papers, newsprint, threads, pressed plants, etc. are some suggestions. There will be plenty of materials available to work from.

Encaustic En Plein Aire!!!
at Linwood Garden taught by Kathryn Bevier
I get to bring two of my favorite things together - painting en plein air and encaustic, to one of my favorite places - Linwood Estates. 

Join me in this rare and unique opportunity to paint the landscape en plein aire using the encaustic technique of painting with pigmented beeswax. This workshop allows you to be inspired by the beautiful scenery of Linwood Gardens, while also working with a painting style ideal for creating depth and beautiful texture evocative of a natural setting. No experience necessary, as you will be guided step by step in a variety of easy application processes ideal for the encaustic process. You will not only treasure the experience, but will enjoy creating a true, one of a kind, piece of art. In case of inclement weather, we will work indoors and work from a still life and you will learn all the essentials of the encaustic process with a focus more on color mixing. 

Contemporary Portraiture in Encaustic with Lora Murphy

Would you love to learn portrait painting with the use of encaustic paint?  Lora trained at a traditional art atelier in Florence, and has been working in encaustic for over 10 years. In her years of practice, she has adapted the traditional methods of portraiture, to encaustic work and looks forward to sharing her knowledge with you.

This workshop will take the mystery out of portraiture, but not the Magic! Lora’s step by step instruction will show you how to approach a portrait or figure, from the initial drawing to the final highlight. Working vertically on a wood panel, she will teach you how to create luminous skin tones, how to accurately draw the head, how to interpret the light, halftone and shadow of the flesh, and how to paint the features with encaustic paint. She will also demonstrate the use of water based encaustic paint as one of the final steps in a portrait, creating very expressive passages and transitions. 

This is an intensive hands on course and while the focus is on contemporary portraiture, you will get a thorough grounding in a variety of techniques. Drawing is key, and with Lora's specific instruction you will understand how to build a portrait using the encaustic technique. Working with pigmented wax is a wonderfully expressive and creative medium, especially for portrait painting.

2017 Workshop held at Kathryn Bevier’s studio - 250 N Goodman St - Rochester, NY 14607 - Please contact Kathryn Bevier for all registration needs.
585-230-7232 or

Please email me at or call 585-230-7232 for complete information. 


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